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American Justice Podcast

Aug 20, 2022

Join Scott & C. Derick to find out how the game of golf saved Valentino Dixon from a lifetime behind bars. You will not want to miss this very interesting story. Also, be sure to check out Valentino's amazing art and clothing line at

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Valentino Dixon links and videos

Valentino Dixon - National Registry of Exonerations

Keeping Out Prior Bad Acts - Pioneer Law Office

When Can Old, Prior Convictions Be Used Against Me? - FindLaw

Can Prior Convictions Be Used in Court as Evidence?

TEC-9 - Wikipedia

Golf Course Art

His Artwork — Valentino Dixon

The Soul Of An Unfreed Man: Drawing my way to Freedom. 27 Years of False Imprisonment at the notorious Attica Prison.: Dixon, Valentino: 9798796514740

Valentino Dixon - Home | Facebook


You might get some good sound about 2 minutes and 35 seconds in:

How Golf Digest Helped Free An Innocent Imprisoned Artist | TODAY

Valentino Dixon Speaks Out About Lawsuit

This is the video the law students made:

Making an Exoneree - The Story of Valentino Dixon

Valentino Dixon: “The 12th Hole saved my life”

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