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American Justice Podcast

Jul 8, 2022


In episode ten, season three of the American Justice Podcast, Scott and C. Derick break down the twisted tale of two brothers, Tom and Floyd Bledsoe, the main suspects in the kidnapping, rape, and murder of 14-year-old Camille Arfmann. They discuss how one brother spent nearly 16 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit before being cleared by DNA evidence and a suicide note.  


04:13  Introduction

11:05  14-year-old Camille Arfmann Goes Missing

14:07  Tom Bledsoe Confesses to Killing Camille and Turns Himself In

18:03  Camille's Body is Found Raped and with Bullet Wounds

19:02  Tom Changes His Story After Going to Jail

20:05  Tom is Released, and Floyd Bledsoe is Arrested Instead

21:05  Floyd Goes to Trial

26:05  Forensic Evidence From the Crime Scene

27:10  Floyd's 2-year-old Son Makes a Controversial Statement

30:10  Floyd's Allabys on the Day of the Murder

31:07  The Jury Finds Floyd Guilty and is Sentenced to Life in Prison

33:38  Did the Courts Wrongfully Convict an Innocent Man?

37:39  The Controversial Details Around Floyd's Court Cases

39:44  Floyd's Petition Goes Through and is Released on Bond

40:31  Floyd is Sent Back to Prison 

41:07  DNA Evidence to the Rescue

42:36  Tom and His Father's DNA are Found on Camille's Rape Kit

43:01  Why the Police Failed to Use DNA Evidence Before Incriminating Floyd

44:35  Tom Commits Suicide and Leaves a Suicide Note Confessing to the Murder

48:10  Floyd is Released and Files a Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit

50:06  Factors That Contributed to Floyd's Wrongful Conviction

55:41  Parting Thoughts

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