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American Justice Podcast

Mar 6, 2021

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to the American Justice Podcast "Special Episodes". As we continue to work on production of the second season, we're bringing you a story today of some false allegations made against a father, a husband, a human being. As a criminal defense attorney falsely accused and jailed during an emotionally charged divorce, McLaughlin found himself ill-prepared for the challenges to proving his innocence. “More than 80% of abuse accusations leveled amid divorce proceedings prove to be false,” McLaughlin has since learned. He was one of the very, very few with the expertise, resources, and network necessary to eventually overturn his conviction—after spending 4 years in jail for an abhorrent crime he did not commit. Bruce’s eventual redemption allowed him to restore his law license, reputation, and life. He continues to rebuild his relationship with his four children. In the links below, you can learn more about Mr. McLaughlin's story, buy his book, and contact him if you are in need of legal advice.

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