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American Justice Podcast

Jun 3, 2022

In episode five season three of the American Justice Podcast, Scott and C. Derick break down the tale of Steven Avery, whose rollercoaster story featured in Netflix’s Making a Murderer. Tune in as the duo describe events that led to Avery spending eighteen years in prison before being exonerated through DNA testing and, just four years after his release, being sentenced to life for the murder of Teresa Halbach.


Time Stamps

03:30   Introducing Steven Avery

04:47   Avery Wrongfully Convicted of Rape

07:01   The Making of a Murderer

08:25   Avery’s Frequent Encounters With The Law

12:10   What it Means When a Person’s Appeal is Denied

15:40   Why Authorities Don’t Like Reopening Closed Cases

18:43   The Wrongful Conviction Case and Eventual Exoneration

20:50   Avery Found Guilty of Murder and Being Handed the Life Sentence

25:16   Avery Writes His Name in The Innocence Project History Books

28:08   Events After ‘The Making a Murderer’ Was Released

31:30   Avery’s Numerous Appeal Cases 

36:50  The Question Marks in Avery’s Murder Case

38:08  Parting Thoughts 

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