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American Justice Podcast

May 13, 2022

Here we are with episode four of season three of the American Justice Podcast. Scott and C. Derick discuss the West Memphis 3 case where three juveniles were wrongfully convicted of Satanic murder despite lacking definitive evidence.

Time Stamps
02:17 Introducing the West Memphis 3
06:09 Kidnap, Murder, and the Crime Scene
13:03 Suspicion Based on Stereotypes
19:51 Scarce Police Leads and Substandard Investigation
26:02 False Witness Statements Through Intimidation
29:49 Guilty of Satanic Murder
34:21 Mishandling the Crime Scene by West Memphis Police
37:59 New DNA Evidence and Juror Misconduct
46:15 Retrial and the Alford Plea
48:58 Final Thoughts

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