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American Justice Podcast

Apr 29, 2022

“Justice for Julius Jones or for Paul Howell?”

Here we are with episode two of season three of the American Justice Podcast. Scott and C. Derick share the in-depth details of the famous Julius Jones case and the Howell family’s call for justice. Was Kim Kardashian right to take Julius’ side? Tune in to see who they think did it.

00:41   Introducing Julius Jones and #JusticeForJulius

07:38   The Timeline, Julius’ Side of the Story, and the “Facts”

15:11   Julius’ Defence and the Purpose of Solitary Confinement

18:51   Inconsistencies with Alibis, Inexperienced Investigators, and Racial Bias

26:59   Paul Howell’s Family 20 Years Later and Celebrity Support

34:05   Julius’ Violent History, Secret Plea Deals, and the Red Bandana

42:21   Racism Changing the Outcome of the Case

48:22   Final Thoughts

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