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American Justice Podcast

Dec 17, 2021

This season's case involves a black man in a racist village called Caledonia, in Racine County, Wisconsin. Home state of the Steven Avery case (Making a Murderer) and the Kyle Rittenhouse case, Wisconsin seems to be very controversial in the way it hands down ... justice. This episode covers the opening statements by the prosecution and defense, along with the first couple witnesses.

A big shout out to Nic from the True Crime Garage for submitting the Vincent Cosey case. You'll hear from Nic throughout the season. We hope you enjoy!

0:00 Previously on the American Justice Podcast

01:35 Introduction

02:26 Beginning of Today's Episode in Chief

06:26 Prosecution Opening Statement

10:51 Writer's Note by Head Writer C. Derick Miller

11:32 Prosecution Opening Statement Continued

20:26 Defense Opening Statement

37:01 Today's Episode Cont.

37:50 Vinnie's Mom Says She Never Told the Police Vinnie Confessed

39:31 Vinnie's Mom Talking About Police Searching Her House

43:01 Vinnie Tells Why He Turned Himself In

47:05 Writer's Note by Head Writer C. Derick Miller

49:19 Vinnie Talks About How Felicia Did Not Know Him

52:53 Scott & Nic Talk About Felicia Not Knowing Vinnie

1:01:03 Scott & Nic Talk About Ear Witnesses Unreliable

1:08:59 Vinnie Talks About Identification of His Car

1:11:34 Wrap Up

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