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American Justice Podcast

Nov 8, 2020

Welcome back everyone! This time we're joined by the co-host of the Let Them Fight Podcast, Jacob Trimmer! Mr. Trimmer has a lot of interesting stories to tell about the people he's covered on his podcast from serial murderers to ancient Roman criminals! We're happy to be back with this very special episode as we continue to research Season Two for you! Enjoy!

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Time Codes:

0:00 Beginning
0:15 Introductions
2:26 Compensation for Wrongful Convictions
5:48 Plea Bargains
11:02 Protective Custody
11:50 Brandon Woodruff
12:55 "The Wrong People"
14:04 National Registry of Exonerations
14:46 Jury Bias
17:30 Change of Venue for Brandon
19:53 Let Them Fight Podcast Cases
28:21 Brandon's Character Assassination
30:56 Brandon's Timeline
38:20 Jury Voir Dire
43:14 The Crime Scene and Small Town vs Big City
45:18 Evidence vs. Proof
47:29 The Murder Weapons
50:00 Sixth Amendment Violation
53:28 Let Them Fight Podcast Cases
54:15 Tookie Williams
54:53 Richard Chase
57:02 Stagecoach Mary
59:20 Caligula
1:00:24 The Night Stalker
1:00:52 Where You Can Find Let Them Fight Podcast
1:02:32 The Perils of Podcasting
1:03:56 How Did You Come Up With The Name?
1:04:50 Wrap Up

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