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American Justice Podcast

Jul 16, 2022

In episode eleven, season three of the American Justice Podcast, Scott and C. Derick tackle the controversial murder of Marilyn Green and Jerry Hillard, two teenage lovers shot dead in an Illinois public pool in 1982. They discuss how two men, Anthony Porter and Alstory Simon, separately served time in prison for the murders and try to unravel the bizarre case full of deception and injustice tangled in a web of information.


00:50  Introduction

09:38  The Gruesome Murder of Marilyn Green and her fiance, Jerry Hillard

13:03  Key Witness William Taylor is Interrogated For 17 Hours

16:02  Marilyn's Mother Points to Alstory Simon as a Potential Suspect

17:08  Police Interview Alstory and His Partner Inez Jackson

18:20  Alstory and Inez Skip Town

19:45  Anthony Takes Himself to the Police and Defends His Innocence

21:08  Anthony is Arrested and Charged with Murder

25:44  Anthony’s Family Hires a Lawyer Who Doesn’t Do Much to Win the Case

27:31  The Jury Finds Anthony Guilty and the Judge Sentences Him to Death

27:57  How Anthony Was Reprieved 48 Hours Before His Execution

30:50  Professor David Protessof Takes Up Anthony’s Case

32:09  Key Witness William Taylor Recants His Testimony

33:03  Inez Jackson Claims Alstory is the True Killer

35:10  Anthony is Set Free After 17 Years In Prison

38:10  The Illinois Court of Claims Awards Anthony $145,875

39:35  Alstory Pleads Guilty to the Killing and is Sentenced to 37 Years In Prison

42:10  Alstory’s Lawyers File a Post-Conviction Petition

44:40  Alstory is Freed After 15 Years In Prison

48:15  Alstory Files a Suit Against the North Western University and is Awarded an Undisclosed Settlement

48:48  Anthony Porter Passes Away at Age 66

49:35  The Death Penalty is Abolished in The State of Illinois

51:22  Parting Thoughts



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