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American Justice Podcast

Jan 14, 2022

This season's case involves a black man in a racist village called Caledonia, in Racine County, Wisconsin. Home state of the Steven Avery case (Making a Murderer) and the Kyle Rittenhouse case, Wisconsin seems to be very controversial in the way it hands down ... justice. This episode covers the first part of Day 4 of the trial.

A big shout out to Nic from the True Crime Garage for submitting the Vincent Cosey case. You'll hear from Nic throughout the season. We hope you enjoy!

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01:25 Introduction

02:33 Episode Begins

04:57 Writer's Note from Head Writer C. Derick Miller

06:05 Resume Episode

07:29 Vinnie Talks About  His Relationship with Stefnee and What Actually Happened the Night of the Murder

09:24 Resume Episode

17:22 Writer's Note from Head Writer C. Derick Miller

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20:03 Writer's Note from Head Writer C. Derick Miller

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27:31 Wrap Up

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